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I have a customer who I tried to upgrade from 15 to 16 and didn’t go well. After 2 hours I finally reistalled the machine and restored from the backup. The issue I’m having is the person in the office can hear the outside called but the caller doesn’t hear the ringing of the phone, the VM greeting, or there person in the office talking. Now this is weird because I’m trying to work on it remotely this evening and when I call in, i can hear the IVR closed message, then enter an extension and hear the ringing, hear the VM greeting, and leave a VM just fine. If I over ride the time condition to open which will send to a ring group, there is no outbound audio. I’m very very lost here.

I have temporarily got around this by making an IVR with a 1 second time out and no retries/announcements that then send the call right to the ring group and all seems to work fine.

Any ideas on this?

You need to supply proper SIP traces and check the RTP packages. You may also have to say something about your configuration.

This is typically a NAT related issue, but one needs to have the details to say anything meaningful. It could as well be something else that differs from the original installation.

Audio issues typically are solved by making sure you have the correct External IP address as well as internal network information configured under Asterisk SIP Settings.

This was all verified. Its very interesting that if it goes to an IVR the audio works fines but if the inbound route goes to anything else(i.e. extension, ring group, etc) there is one way audio. But with the IVR it recognizes DTMF and has 2 way audio.

@jgttgns I will work on the traces, I have been remote and out of town. Yes I was stupid and did the upgrade while dropping off an additional phone and happened to be in the office but right before going out of town.

It’s just weird that if the call goes to an IVR everything works fine including DTMF. But if the call is originally routed to anything other than an IVR(i.e. Ring group, direct to an extension, etc) there is no outbound audio.

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