One way audio with ilbc codec

Just restored a backup to a new server and I’m getting one way audio at any extension that uses ilbc. The extension sends audio but cannot receive. Also, when doing an echo test, I am unable to hear the prompt.

Any ideas?

The transcoding paths are in place.

Are you using FreePBX 13 with Asterisk 13 and CHAN_SIP? If so, I have the exact same issue and it seems to be a bug on the CHAN_SIP driver.

I’m on 14 with Asterisk 13. Funny thing is on the previous server it worked ok.

Are you using chan_sip or chan_pjsip?

chan sip only.

That is probably it. Maybe a regression and that is why it worked previously. If you can use chan_pjsip for your extensions, you should get ilbc to work correctly again.
Or you can try submitting a ticket to Asterisk.

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