One way audio when one side goes silent for a few minutes


I am having some odd issues with this location.

I have a FreePBX server on site A. Phones on site B. When calls on the phones at site B are placed on hold or mute their end of the call for a few minutes, the call goes silent on the phone located at site B. The person they were talking to can still hear them.

I have tried adjusting the RTP timeout on the phone and the server with no change.

Any ideas what may be causing this?

My guess would be NAT timing out on the router and possibly being re-enabled with a different translated port.

How are the site’s connected? Site to site VPN or are they both behind a NAT?

Site A is just a server we use for many different sites. We whitelist all sites we place phones allowing access. Site B is a customer site, behind a NAT.

I would have to concur with @david55. Sounds like a firewall NAT timing issue on your firewalls between the sites.

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