One Way Audio randomly

Hi Team,

I am using FreePBX[licensed version], having Asterisk 18.20.0.
I am facing one way audio issue randomly on extension to extension as well as on extension to PSTN calls.
My local and external ips are correct that I had already confirmed.
I had verified port range on firewall it is also allowed as well as I had checked that I have NAT is set to yes.
My RTP range is 10000-20000.
I had also updated all modules to latest version. Initially when I installed this, it don’t have any issue but now I am facing this problem.

Can any one guide me what to check now and how to resolve this issue?

Thanks in advance.

  • If you can reproduce with any regularity, Wireshark the call.
  • Enable and review Asterisk SIP logs for affected call.
  • Check Phone logs for affected call.

I had verified it on wireshark but can not get to know why i am getting oneway audio.

What is “it”? Is Asterisk sending RTP to the extension that can’t hear? If so, confirm that it’s being sent to the correct IP address and port, or capture traffic at the receiving phone (easiest if you can replicate the failure with a softphone) to see whether the network is passing it properly.

If not, is Asterisk receiving RTP from the other extension? If not, check at the sending phone, if RTP is being sent to the correct IP address and port. If yes, find why the network is not passing it to Asterisk.

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