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I have freepbx connected to two trunks: Sipgate (for testing) and Vodafone (main line, cable router). On my pfsense router I have created NAT portforwardings for ports 5060 (udp), 5061 (tcp) and 10000 to 20000 (udp) as well as corresponding firewall rules.

With both trunks I can make outgoing calls and both participants can hear each other. With Sipgate I can make inbound calls and both participants can hear each other as well. When calling the Vodafone number however, the called SIP client can hear the audio from the mobile phone, but not vice versa.
No audio is transmitted from the SIP softphone back to the external mobile phone. Also the call is dropped automatically after 20 seconds.

There are no blocked packets to be seen in the PFSense firewall logs. Although I have quite some IT experience, I am an absolute VOIP noob. Please help me and give me some hints how to debug and fix this.

As only one trunk is affected I suspect a configuration problem in FreePBX rather than a routing or firewall problem.



From the behavior described, maybe the NAT settings in Asterisk are not defined

Go to Settings > Asterisk SIP Settings

In “NAT Settings”, click in “Detect Network Settings”, after it detects your network configuration, click in submit and apply, after that you can test again

Thanks @ErikVandergeld

I have applied the NAT settings but the problem persists.

How does this Vodafone line reach the PABX?
Does the Vodafone line reach the PABX physically (like using a dedicated network card for it) or does it come via the internet?

If it comes via a physical medium (dedicated network card) it could be something related to Linux network routes and configurations

The Vodafone trunk comes over the internet. I.e. I created a new trunk with the sip server

Please paste the Asterisk log for a failing call at and post the link here

You can also just post the eight last characters of the URL

Hi @ErikVandergeld could you spot anything suspicious in the logs? Or have any hint what next steps I would need to take to debug?

I have attached some Wireshark packet logs for inbound calls (unsuccessful) and outbound call (successful).

Okay I could solve this. Sorry guys. Solution was to configure outbound nat with static ports for the freepbx host on the pfsense.

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