One way audio / networking issues

This is my network setup:
dsl comes into bridged modem, ethernet goes to a cheap switch and from there to my PIAF server and to my laptop. Each has its own public ip.

I get consistent one way audio (2 way cuts off after a couple seconds) and soft phone glitches
when calling from an extension on my laptop.

I spent several days looking through one-way audio posts and trying settings in sip_custom and sip_nat, changing extension nat settings, canreinvite=no , etc…

Until I found out that external extensions have no problems and can make calls fine.

So im thinking it must be something in the way I am networked? my cheap ebay switch? or my softphone (twinkle, ekiga, zoiper all act funny in different ways)?

Anyone have any ideas where I should start looking? any help would be appreciated…

Thanks, this got me on the right track. I just set up a local network between the two computers. I wasn’t thinking about how I would have to go up and down just to get to the server, it is obvious in retrospect, as usual.

Hi there-

Are you using ADSL(x) or a different form? ADSL is limited to around a meg of upstream bandwidth, and if you’re running external extensions, perhaps this is part of your trouble…?

For any VoIP installations we do, we run either Ethernet over Copper or VDSL; something capable of equal up/downstream bandwidth.

Also, if you’re bridging your equipment and have multiple public IPs, you’re having to go upstream and down just to communicate with your server in the same location as your VoIP equipment. This could be taxing your bandwidth as well, particularly if you’re running external EXTs as well as browsing, etc.

Just a thought!