One way audio issue

I am having problems with one way audio on my freepbx. So there is a outgoing audio but not incoming on calls.

There is one sip trunk. I am using sophtpones on local network Also one interface on freepbx is in that network. Sip interface is on
There is a router with external address

So ive tryed several things, forwarding rtp ports, changing nat settings , etc.
After sending logs i recieved info that registration of the sip is coming from 10.xxxx intreface but media is coming from external address
So there is a routing problem but i have no idea what to do.
Also i got info that media for calls is coming from and 202 ip from provider

Does anyone have some tips.

Disable the SIP ALG feature on the router, and make sure you have correct external addresses and local networks on FreePBX.

Sounds like you’ve not enumerated all local networks/subnets in Settings → Asterisk SIP Settings. Changes on this page may require an Asterisk restart. [ edit - missed david55’s reply before replying]

All network setting are ok, i cant find alg sip on huawei ont.
Tryed zilion settings but same thing. One way audio persists, and call disconnects after 30 sec

All adresses are ok, on sip settings at autodetect pbx founs 192.16.xxxx and 10.xxxxx networks. I cant find alg sip settings on router.

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