One-Way audio issue on outbound calls when calling a particular number

I have an issue with one-way audio issues when calling a particular number. At the time of the call, our audio drops, and we can still hear the other person, but they can not hear us. If they initiate the call, there is no audio issues. I am stumped as to why this can occur, when I can call someone else, even in the same neighborhood, and there is no one-way audio issues. I got our phone provider involved, and they are stumped as well.

Physical proximity to the destination does not really indicate anything. One side of a street could be handled by one Central Office while the other side is handled by another Central Office. It’s about the location’s proximity/distance from Central Offices.

If you are calling a single destination that this happens on, then the provider should be looking at how they are routing that call. If they have control over the media in the call, are they see audio being transmitted by you? Are they seeing it passed to the other side? If they are not touching the audio and passing this along to an upstream carrier, is it the same upstream as the other calls that work?

It does not look like a problem on your side, if you want could make a trace media packets during the call and check when audio drops, probably it will no found any trouble.
If so you should check with you provider.

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