One way audio for inbound and outbound calls - recurring issue that fixes on its own

Hello all

We have 5 sites that connect to same FREEPBX server, but one site constantly (happens months apart) has issue that fixes by itself, I just waited a day or more to get it disappear and everything works normally again. Other 4 sites are operating now without this issue. Trying to get it fixed with Flowroute, my SIP provider, but every time they ask me for all info and tcpdumps from server or router (Edgerouter) they can’t tell me what’s going on.

how a can I troubleshoot this?

I reckon it is our ISP or the Flowroute and their peers that have bad routing.

I hope I can get to bottom of this before it fixes by itself again.

Thank you for reading.

This sounds a lot related to NAT session expiration. How is your failing site connected to the remote FreePBX?

it can connect either through external IP or VPN, but primary way is VPN.
VPN is currently online, and extensions show as registered in asterisk info

401/401 D Yes Yes A 5060 OK (72 ms)
403/403 D Yes Yes A 5060 OK (67 ms)
404/404 D Yes Yes A 5060 OK (66 ms)
405/405 D Yes Yes A 5060 OK (60 ms)
406/406 D Yes Yes A 5060 OK (60 ms)

These extensions have NAT set to yes?

yes they are set to have NAT
and it got fixed the next day on its own, so hard to catch this.

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