One-way audio dropping

Hi there! New user here with an installation consisting of 19 extensions (1-per phone). My provider is and I have one DID. During some inbound calls, the phone drops all outgoing audio but you can still hear the incoming audio. I suspect something with the NAT but not sure what to be looking for there. I have a UniFi network where I can control all of the timeout settings if needed. Happy to provide logs if you can indicate which ones would be most helpful. Thanks!

If you have an example you can provide the log for the call.

This is a very frequent question. Have you read some of the previous posts?

Yes, I’ve looked at the others and have changed NAT settings which doesn’t seem to make it any better. Attached is a call log. Many thanks for your help.

This isn’t the sort of log asked for. It’s not at all useful for one way audio.

Use the instructions linked above to provide the logs for the call you have highlighted in your post.

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