One way audio between clients on different network

Hi All,

I have a little problem with my freepbx setup. My SIP clients are registered alright and can communicate among themselves on the same network. However , there is only one way audio when i call a client on another network (also registered to the same freepbx box) . The freebpx box is on a different network ( with its own public Ip) from both networks.

Network 1 is nated to one IP, whiles network 2 has clients with already public IPs bt in a different subnet from the pbx. i can hear the audio on network 2 but network 1 sip clients cant hear from network 2…

both networks are on the opposite side of the firewall protected pbx… ( All expected ports including RTP 10000-20000 have been opend…)

what could be wrong? Urgent help is needed pleease… Thanx so much

You setup your Asterisk or your firewall/router wrong.

Asterisk and NAT is one of the most covered topics on the net. You should be able to find your answer.

Since you did not tell us anything about your config it is impossible to provide any quidance.

If you matter is this urgent I suggest you engage FreePBX professional service by clicking the support tab.