One phone can't login and out of the queue

Hi, I have a problem with one specific phone.
She is using a Snom 720. She got her own mobilephone on ext 236 and her Snom on ext 528. When they shift from day to night, they need to get into queue 101. So when she got shift at night, she tries to call 101* and when connection is established, she click 236# to log her mobilephone into the queue. But then there is just a long pause and after that it says that the agent can not be logged in. But when she goes to a colleagues phone and does the exact same, her mobilephone joins the queue.

I have tried to PCAP the call, but no VOIP called is logged, so I might suspect some connection issues, but she can call and receive calls still? Please help.

Some details about the implementation of this step might help. What are you using to log into the queue? How is her phone connecting to the PBX?

She type in 101* to call the queue login, then it ask for the extension number that need to join the queue followed by #. That’s why she type in 236#.
Her mobilephone is connected to PBX through a custom extension Local/[email protected]

The queue login/out feature of QUEUE* and QUEUE** lost support in FreePBX 13 or 14, I already posted a rant about it here and I was told that Sangoma would never remove something if it’s not replaced by something better, and when it was proven that you can’t do the same with *45, they said that it might anyway not be a good idea to log in a cellphone to a queue :confused:

Anyways, which version of FreePBX and Asterisk are you using?

If it’s FreePBX 13+ see the instructions in the link below how to get a pastebin file with call traces.

Please post two calls, one from her phone where it’s failing and one from her colleagues phone where it goes through, and we’ll try to compare both.

Apparently it is working now, I really didn’t change anything, so idk what the problem was.

We are using an old FreePBX version 2.8 and Asterisk version 11.13. So the QUEUE* should still work I guess.

We are in the working of upgrading to the newest FreePBX soon, but there is a lot of preparation on the process.

Thanks for your help guys!

Then piping pastebin wouldn’t work.


Just keep in mind that this feature will stop working, you’ll either need to rewrite it like we did, or make peace without it.

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