One of our phone extensions stopped ringing

One of my phones stopped ringing…all settings are the same as other phones, and ring tones are on. When you call it it rings in your ear it just does not ring out loud.

Please help me fix this if possible.


I don;t think thats a problem with freepbx…

Can you configure that phone to another extension temporarily to eliminate the system? That will tell you if it’s the phone or not. If it’s still the same after changing extensions get back with us and provide the type of phone.

Some phones have a volume level setting for each attached device that is remembered. So if using a headset it has one setting, a handset another, speaker phone another and lastly (without a headset connected) a ringer volume. So have you checked the volume setting on the ringer? setting it to the lowest / zero will do exactly what you describe on some phones.

The old CFO of our company was insistant that the phone was broken because it could not ring. I pressed volume up a few times then called it and “suddenly it was ringing again”.