One inbound route with two

I am new to FreePBX. I can use it as long as there are no glitches then I’m lost. Here is my problem. I have one inbound route from callcentric. I setup 2 extensions. One with a regular phone number and the other with an 800 number. My problem is no matter how I seem to setup the extensions I can’t get the 800 calls routed to the 800 extension. Everthing coming in on that inbound route goes to the first extension that I setup. I’ve checked and rechecked and it seems to be right but obviously I am missing something. Any help is appreciated.

I’m assuming that you have one account even though you have two different DID’s - if so it’s quite possible that there’s no way for FreePBX to tell them apart, since they may look exactly the same coming in. But try reading the above linked document anyway, it may or may not point you to a solution.

You’ll need to verify how the 800 number is being routed to you. Many places just take and “forward” a 800 number to a preexisting number. That is how my Companies 800 is setup. So in this case it’s not possible to tell if somebody dialed the 800# or the local direct number (the best way to describe a 800# is that is is really a automated reverse charge call to a given number without a operator).

In our case I attached it to an unused local DID that we have from our block of 100 so that we do know.

Just to add to the previous coments, an 800 number is a virtual number, insomuch, it doesn’t point directly to attached hardware in an exchange.
Rather it is pointed towards an existing number, be it a landline, mobile or VoIP number.
So if your 800 is pointed, (or terminated to use correct parlance) to your existing landline, you’ll be hard pressed to distinguish the calls from the 800 number from regular calls.
The best way is simply to have two seperate numbers to distinguish the origin of call, but I’m now just repeating others previous advice.