One extension - two phones. Both work but not showing registered in endpoint

I have an executive that asked to have his Polycom and Mitel phone in his office on the same extension. I used PJSIP and changed max contacts to 2 and then put in the mac address for the second phone. I deleted the configs in endpoint manager and rebuilt them. They show as 77227-1 and 77227-2. I wiped both phones and rebooted them. Both phones came up with the right config and work just fine, however, they don’t show as connected in endpoint manager. Because they don’t show up in endpoint manager the polycom will not update the date and time so it’s always blinking the incorrect date/time. Other issues like jolt click to dial only calls the polycom and not the mitel.

That one sounds familiar - I recall something about the ARI module doesn’t play well with ringing multiple phones on the same extension. It was about a year ago that we had a lot of discussion about this.

Correct, once a device has multiple contacts that are natted, EPM is no longer able to track the status.

This seems unlikely. There is no way for the phone to know what is displayed for status in EPM so it will not behave differently. Seems more likely that the NTP server(s) is not set correctly in the phone.

Config jolt to originate calls to the local channel instead of the pjsip channel. FreePBX has all the dialplan necessary to dial all contacts and devices for the extension.

Thanks Lorne you da man. With regards to the time I’ve set up the correct ntp server on both the template and manually on the phone. It just keeps blinking the wrong date/time no matter what I change. I assumed it had something to do with EPM but you’ve ruled that one out.

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what ntp server did you use? the polycoms can see inside your lan but . . .

The template was set to and then I changed it to and tried. No dice.

you should install and configure ntpd on your pbx and use that or provide firewall rules for port 123 and a gateway on the phone. this latter solution prone to attack

But it does not use said dial plan correctly in all the right places.

Can the phones get to the internet?
If yes, can the get proper DNS from internet addresses?
If yes, can they get NTP from the internet?

Lots of things you could have broke here.

okay so the date/time issue eventually resolved itself but I still can’t get click to dial to work at all. Right now I have two different php files on the server that click to dial can point to. For pjsip users I have a pjsipcall.php and for normal chan sip extensions I have the default call.php. In the beginning only the polycom would ring but after toggling it back and forth now neither devices ring. Back to more troubleshooting.

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