One extension, Multiple phones?

(Shaun) #1

I’d like to have 3 phones connected to the same extension. For example I have employee John who is extension 2001. He has a phone at the office and a phone at home. He also has a softphone on his cell phone. I’d like it so that if anybody calls his extension that it would ring all of these devices. I’d also like it so that if a voicemail is left that all devices would show a notification.

I’m wondering what might be the best way to do this? Should I just have all devices login using the same extension info? Should I create separate extensions and then do a ring group, or something similar? On my homegrown asterisk setup I accomplished this by just having their extension dial(SIP/device1&SIP/device2, 30);

Now that I’m migrating this system over to freepbx unsure what the best way to handle this would be. All of my devices are now using PJSIP also.

(Andrew) #2

PJSIP supports the use of contacts which allows you to register that extension on multiple devices. If you’re using chan_sip you would have to use the unsupported devices and user mode.