One extension, Multiple phones?

I’d like to have 3 phones connected to the same extension. For example I have employee John who is extension 2001. He has a phone at the office and a phone at home. He also has a softphone on his cell phone. I’d like it so that if anybody calls his extension that it would ring all of these devices. I’d also like it so that if a voicemail is left that all devices would show a notification.

I’m wondering what might be the best way to do this? Should I just have all devices login using the same extension info? Should I create separate extensions and then do a ring group, or something similar? On my homegrown asterisk setup I accomplished this by just having their extension dial(SIP/device1&SIP/device2, 30);

Now that I’m migrating this system over to freepbx unsure what the best way to handle this would be. All of my devices are now using PJSIP also.

PJSIP supports the use of contacts which allows you to register that extension on multiple devices. If you’re using chan_sip you would have to use the unsupported devices and user mode.

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