One extension - all x's on DSS keys - no ring on incoming - can call but can't talk

So this is a weird one. No clue what happened. I have one extension whose phone shows all X’s on the DSS keys.

BLF lights are not working.

I’ve rebooted and power cycled the phone numerous times.

If you call the extension you can hear a ring on the phone but the actual phone will not ring or show that a call is coming in.

If you try dialing an extension it will ring the other phone but when the receiver picks up you can’t talk. It’s just silence.

And this part is interesting - when you dial an outside line from this extension the receiver hears “You have an incoming call. To accept press 1. To decline press 2.” but pressing 1 or 2 does nothing. And on the desk phone it just sits there with the > > > > > animating. If the receiver hangs up the desk phone still shows > > > > >, with cancel as the only option.

i checked the extension in the admin panel and “confirm calls” is disabled.

all other phones and extensions are working fine. I have no idea what else to look at.

Any help is appreciated.

I figured i’d come across the fix shortly after posting. this is how it usually goes.

TLDR; had to reseat the usb bluetooth adapter.

The X’s on the DSS keys, the no BLF lights, no ringing on incoming calls - all appear to have to do with my bluetooth adapter. i had power cycled my phone a number of times with no fix.

This time I removed the bluetooth adapter, then power cycled. The phone sync’d up and all dss keys and blf lights are working. Incoming calls ring through and can be answered. And I can make internal calls with no issues.

As for the call confirm - the user’s cell is also configured on a ring group. that ring group had call confirm enabled. seems it didn’t matter if you dialed just the ring group or the entire cell number it would do call confirm. Before I removed the usb adapter the receiver couldn’t press 1 or 2, but now with the usb adapter removed the receiver can press 1 or 2 and the call goes through. the user is keeping call confirm enabled.

So it appears the usb bluetooth adapter was the culprit.

I plugged it back into the phone and the headset works fine - entire phone still works fine.

Even power cycled the phone with the adapter plugged in and it comes up fine.

Side note - the user mentioned that before this happened the headset stopped working, so they were just using the handset. In an attempt to fix it the user power cycled the phone - that’s when all the problems started.

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