One DID for different numbers

Hello, i want to break my 15 channels on different channels, then i will create different DID for inbound call , i am starting wondering if i can set one DID number which will match for 3 numbers on the channel,for e.g for channel 0 which has 3 numbers (1234567890-1234567891-1234567899), a DID 1234567890 will create , but if call goes on the first one and at the same time i receive another call, i want the second number take over,and and so one. But only the DID number will public for the caller, please let me know if it possible. It’s very urgent matter.

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What do you mean by channels, DAHDI? if so then for FXO’s you need to pseudo map them any way you want, for TDM then they will resolve to DID’s as per your provider.

If i understand,there is no way to set that up in the freePbx , it’s a E1 trunk with 15 channels, i just want to set three DIDs each will have different numbers.

It’s something that is possible in the PBX ?

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You will probably have a “block” of DID’s assigned by the carrier, you can’t arbitrarily choose one, the D-channel handles the details as to which B-channels will “bear” it at any one time that is what DAHDi abstracts, , you just need a DID for each number in that bank you want to do, where each DID goes is up to you.

Need to contact the provider ?

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That would probably be quicker than trial and error guessing :wink:

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I already talk to my provider , they said that their system will not be able to do it that i have to try in the PBX.
I ll look further on that.

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Do you have only one number from your provider?, if that is the case then there is pretty well nothing you can do apart from send all calls to an IVR and have the callers select from there.

you can see the DID on the logs from an incoming call. They probably did not understand what you asked. You need to ask the range of DIDs you have assigned. Then on the inbound routes configure the destination for that specific DID.

Ok, i mean just only one DID for a few line numbers. @dicko : The provider provide me a total of 16 numbers.

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I don’t know what you mean by line numbers, there is no direct association between did and channels in a. PRI the d channel does that

Ok, i mean for the different channels that i received from the FAI of the E1 trunk .

Sorry I don’t understand your terminology.

My apologized!
but i get a clue about DID on a E1 trunk even i do not clear 100% on what i described throughout that thread , i was looking on how to create just different DIDs ,each DID is equal to multiple channel,e.g : with the 15 channels on the E1 trunk , three DID will create, each DID is the equivalent to 5 channels, in case if the first channel which is the number of the DID is busy caller will not receive busy signal but the other number which make part of the DID will take over,and do one…It seems that stuff is not able through the FreePBX, i look again with the provider.
But if someone has a better idea, will appreciated that

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You don’t “create” DID’s you already have 16, you create inbound routes that associate each of those DID’s/numbers to the destination of your choice. At any time you can have 15 concurrent calls, each uses a different b-channel but the d-channel decides which one and there is no way to split the b-channels into groups successfully.

Thank you @dicko : But the customer wants to break these different channels then associated 4 or 5 line for a specific xtension whit the complexity only one DID will public for caller but in fact that DID is physically many DID’s.

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That’s not possible, sorry. Maybe you fundamentally misunderstand PRI’s each DID can have up to 15 concurrent calls, outbound calls just use available channels and are only associated with a DID by a possible CID.

I think you tell me the correct answer, stop with my confuse…

Thank you very much.