One call, three actions - possible?

Okay, this is probably beyond the scope of what FreePBX can do natively, but I figured I’d ask.

I’m looking into a way where a call can be placed to an extension, which then triggers the following:

  1. (Not required, but bonus points if this is possible) The user is prompted to enter a pin in order to place the call. If correct, continue.

  2. Two calls are placed (preferably simultaneously)
    – a: Call 1 Plays a pre-recorded announcement to the number that was called.
    – b: Call 2 just dials an extension which will trigger an Algo 8301 to play an emergency PA multicast announcement

  3. A relay is triggered that can turn on strobe lights.

Personally I’m thinking 3 is not possible through FreePBX and an IP relay. My Algo 8301 does have a relay output that can do this, but I would need a dedicated 8301 as it triggers the relay for all announcements. I can’t configure it to trigger for emergency only announcements. In that case, I’d have to resort to buying a dedicated 8301 for this purpose.

Anyone do anything quite like this before?? Appreciate the community’s input.

Thank you.

I have used

as a gateway to IOT’s

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