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Hello everyone,

We have 10 extensions in our house and office together, but we can answer only one call at te time. At the moment I have set-up an Queue (299) with one agent/ extension (200). Extension 200 is on all of the phones, together with their own extension (201-209). When a call comes in extesion 200 rings on all the phones, when the next call comes in is set to wait in the queue until extension 200 is available again.

Is their an possibility to achieve the same thing but than with the extension 201-209?

I hope you can understand what I Like to have in our system…

Thank in advance !
Best regards from the Netherlands

Not sure I understand correctly, do you want all extensions to be part of 299 but the queue should only allow one call at a time?

Yes, I want one call to be ‘processed’ and every other call has to wait in the queue.


Never tried it: go to the queue capacity tab, and set Max Callers to 1.

Make a call to the queue, answer, and name another call, see if that does what you need

Thanks! I have tried this, unfortunatly this doesn’t work, It set the maximun waiting callers. not the maximum callers to be ‘processed’.


Thanks Lorne!

I will test this, only one thing I’m not sure how to do: i have made a test queue (506) and a test ringgroup (510). If I make the custom extension, what do I have to fill in as extension number?

Thanks again!

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Thanks I will test it!

Thank again, it works just fine!

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