One call multiple recordings

I have one inbound route, for which I enabled recording.
Each time there’s an incoming call, I get 2 recordings in CDR reports.

I have not enabled recordings on Extensions or Queues. They are all configured as “I don’t care”. Only on the inbound route I have enabled recording.

Why do I get 2 recordings for each call?

Assuming you are sending the call to an extension, you might be getting one from each leg of the call. The incoming call leg from the trunk would get a recording, and the incoming leg from the extension would get a recording? It’s kind of a guess, but it makes sense since each part of the call (the part from the world and the part from the extension) are considered separate. It’s kind of the same train of though as the reason why we get multiple CDR records when you send a call to a ring group - each phone gets its own CDR. The same thing could be happening with recordings at the route level.

Is it possible you don’t have two recordings, but that the same record appears twice in the CDR report? Otherwise a call trace might expose what’s going on: