On Hold Music poor Quality Codec changes

I need to get the highest quality possible. I have it set to SLN48 and G722 codec. How do I set the phones to support this? I am using yealink T46S or what is the best process to get the best quality? Right now it sound static and very poor.

You have to get the phones set up to use “better” codecs first and order them from best to worst. Once you do that, the Asterisk side should agree with the first one that matches and off you go. Codecs are two-way features - you need to get them configured on the phones or none of what you are trying to do is going to work right.

You’ll have to be cognizant of the source format of the files you’re trying to play back over the device. If you start from an 8kHz source file, it’s not going to sound as good after upsampling as a native 16kHz source file. Most desk phones don’t support anything better than 16kHz. A 16kHz file played back to a G.722-using endpoint doesn’t sound particularly bad, especially as compared to an 8kHz narrowband file played back to either a G.722 or G.711-using endpoint.

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