On call rotation modules?


I have done a lot of searching and have not found anything to really answer this question.

I am implementing a new FreePBX server in HA running 13.0.163. My old and current running Asterisk system has an on call script built by someone who was before me in this role. The way it currently works is on Friday at 14:00 the system emails the on call person (to let them know they are on call.) and if someone has an emergency, it will ring them on the mobile number. This switches every week on Friday at 14:00 between 3 people. Is there a module where I can set an on call rotation every week between 3 people? I know the script just moves to the next person each week as of right now.

I’m aware I can set up time conditions and time groups, yet setting up every single week of the year seems cumbersome. If I could import a calendar that would help this process as well.

Is there a module that can do what I am looking for? Thanks.

No nothing exist like this but in FreePBX 14 we are adding calendar support for Time Conditions and lots of other things that would make this easier.

Oh well, at least that ends my searching. I appreciate the quick reply. What is the ETA for FreePBX 14?

Stable is months away. Sometime this fall

If you want to (and can), you might want to post a link to the script so that other people can benefit from it.

It’s a pretty specific set of requirements, but it could probably be generalized to make it flexible. It doesn’t sound like something that should be a “feature”, but it is certainly a cool piece that could be added by an enterprising beginner to learn some of the internals of the system.