On Call Badger

We’d like to develop a feature, but before we do I want to make sure that it’s not out there already. I’'ve had multiple requests for it already, so it must be a semi-common thing.

We have on call operators. That we need to make sure get a message if it’s left for them.

So when the operator goes on call and is left a voicemail the system would dial them repeatedly every x minutes until they picked up the phone and listened to the voicemail.

Is something like this out already?


Yes their is a commercial module in the store called VM Notify that does this and much more with reporting tools also.


Here is a link to the module that Tony referenced. http://schmoozecom.com/vm-notify.php

Thanks guys.

We are not using the distro, and have made a few pretty heavy changes to run freepbx in a hosted/virtual environment.

Who in your group can we talk to about seeing if the modules can still work with some adaptions on our end?


You can contact us at 920-886-8130 ask for Tony.