Old Versions and


I have two different servers on two different versions of FreePBX ( and I am concerned with building these boxes again should any one of them crash. I have installed the backup & restore and got the back up of each but from my research it seems there is no use having the back up unless i have a copy of the ISO installation of the specific version.

Does anyone know where i can download freepbx versions and so i can restore my backups to if needs be during disaster recovery?

many thanks


You’re going to get yelled at for double posting!

First your not going to get yelled at, but I did delete your duplicate post.

Don’t be so impatient. Less than 2 hours and you are expecting an answer to a question that has been answered before?

The backup module is specific to the FreePBX version, not the distro version. I don’t know if an archive of the ISO’s exist or not.

You need to keep them updated. Run the update scripts and stay on the latest point release of FreePBX.

Once you are running the stable version (2.10 at this time) you don’t have to concern yourself until you want to go to a new major release.

You should always keep FreePBX updated within module admin.

As far as the Distro updates that is a personal choice. If the OS is running stable, and you have taken the proper perimeter security precautions you should not have to rush into an upgrade.

Always read the release notes before upgrading or installing anything. Module admin allows you to read the version history within each module.

Thank you for the reply. It is appreciated.

I believe both are stable versions since they have been running for quite some time & we are happy with them. My only worry is that if for some reason or another we lose the server and need to restore with the backed up configuration (using the backup/restore module).

am i understanding correctly that the only way to restore your system would be to make sure it’s always updated to the latest version and then if needs be download this latest version from the site and restore your saved config using the restore module?