Old users prior to User Management in FPBX13 and AD Integration won't delete

(Adolfo) #1

So I have an odd problem. I was using Bria Cloud Solutions module prior to FreePBX 13 when it changed to use the User Manager, and the AD integration.

I now have phantom user entries in the Bria module (with same usernames in AD) that I cannot remove.
If I hit the edit option in the bria module for these users, I would want to change the enabled designation to “no”… but I can’t because “Username can not be blank”.


  • @param string $description a short description of this account
  • @param array $extraData A hash of extra data to provide about this account (work, email, telephone, etc)
  • @param bool $encrypt Whether to encrypt the password or not. If this is false the system will still assume its hashed as sha1, so this is only useful if importing accounts with previous sha1 passwords
  • @return array
    public function addUser($username, $password, $default=‘none’, $description=null, $extraData=array(), $encrypt = true) {
    if(empty($username)) {
    throw new \Exception(_(“Username can not be blank”));
    if(empty($password)) {

I’ve broken the API connection to CounterPath, uninstalled the Bria Module, reinstalled Bria module and these users still exist.

Where does the Bria module keep these user entries so that I can delete them?