Old System and making extensions ring more than one phone @ same time

FreePBX version
Astrisk version

I have an employee who’s duties have been split between 2 office’s.
Tina is extension 2524

Tina is the Secretary for the Maintenance department and the Transportation department. Her 2524 extension is in the Transportation office.

Tina works for the Maintenance Director and the Transportation Director. Their phones are somehow set to ring their extension and Tina’s 2524 at the same time.

There is also a ring group for the published Transportation department phone number 2629.

Now that Tina has a second office with extension 2563, I can’t figure out how to make calls going to 2629

to all also ring extension 2563, at the same time…

My software is old and I can’t find relevant directions.

Thanks in advance…

What kind of phone is Tina’s phone? How many buttons/lines does it have?

Getting someone to go back 15 years to help you get the options right on this setup is going to be a challenge. I predict that the overwhelming sentiment is going to be to get you to update your system to something new so we can help you easier. That is a good recommendation, but I understand that you have a problem right now that you want to solve.

If this was a newer system, you could program multiple extensions to ring on the same PJ-SIP extension, but with Chan-SIP (which is what you have), that isn’t really a possibility. because of that, I’m going to guess that someone implementation the “Boss/Secretary” code from the early 2000’s to give you the functionality you are describing. If that’s the case, you’re going to have to copy and replicate that context code for the one line and add it to the second line.

With a system this old, it’s going to be nearly impossible for any of us to help you constructively.

Lucky for you, there is a script to migrate your settings to a new supportable (14/15) install:

Alternatively, you can attempt to restore a backup of your old system on a new FreePBX 15 distro.

Your old system likely has Applications -> Follow Me. Look at the Follow Me settings for the extensions that also ring 2524. If that’s what is being used, you should be able to add 2563 to the list.

If not, it’s possible that all the “extensions” that also ring Tina are actually Ring Groups, in which case you could add 2563 to those lists.

If that’s not it either, it’s possible that 2524 is a phone with multiple line appearances, in which case you do the same for 2563, replacing the physical phone if required.

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