Old switch died. Added new internal router changed freepbx/polycom cannot connect phone

This was a existing running system. Switch in which the pbx and phone running on, died. So, I had a spare router/switch in which to connect all the items in my office. We do have a dsl/router which the new router/switch connects though.

Thanks the phone ip address into to made the same network ID from to The freepbx server ip is set to while the phone is .50. I can ping both the server and the phone from this laptop.

The issue is sip show peers. The phone looks like it is retriving the sip files from tftpboot directory. I did test it to make sure I can put/get to it.

i checked /var/log/message and it said locahost xinitd START: tftp pid=5639 from

So it looks like the phone is trying to get the files from tftpboot. But should /log/messages show it has gotten those polycom boot files?


What other information do you all need for me to resolve this issue?

The messages file will only contain tftp message unless you add a -v to /etc/initd.d/tftp options line