Old Browser Support (Internet Explorer)


Finally dusted off my certman changes and trying to get them release ready.

Is IE still a supported browser for admin? If so, how far back(v10, v11) do I need to test?

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From the point of view of the project engineering, I don’t think IE has ever been a supported browser. When issues arise it’s recommended to try to repro with chrome/FF.


For what it’s worth IE <11 does not support TLS > 1.0


I got the immediate issue worked out for IE11 with a couple of lines of jquery. Not a big deal, just not as elegant as letting CSS handle hiding the options for unselected dns plugins.

There’s still a flash of all the options immediatly upon loading the page, I could fix it, but leaving it as an annoyance for IE users.

How it looked in modern browsers:

How it looked before fix in IE:

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