Okdo ROCK 4 SE 4GB Single Board Computer

Anyone know anything about these and how compatible they are for running FreePBX?

I’ve no experience with this device, but it’s close enough to a Raspberry Pi that IMO you are very unlikely to have trouble. However, it’s different enough that you won’t be able to use a pre-built RPi distribution and will need to compile everything from scratch.

If you are just looking for an inexpensive on-site non-virtual FreePBX system, consider something like

Though more expensive, it includes a case, power supply and plenty of storage, so not out of line. You can directly install the FreePBX Distro with no hassle and will have the option of running commercial modules.

One gotcha is that many systems of this ilk won’t boot without a monitor attached. Assuming that you will be running headless, if you have this issue and can’t fix it with UEFI settings, you’ll need something like

Well given I’ve a couple of new 4GB Pi 4Bs in a drawer here I won’t be rushing to take up their offer then

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