Offsite IVR, Recording, and Voicemail Management

Hi all,

I’m wondering what it takes for a customer to be able to call a system, where an IVR answers, and be able to change system recordings, manage voicemail, and other IVRs. Some of this would replace dial codes when on site.

The IVR that is answering already has digits 0-9 used.

It sounds like you want (largely) UCP, but from an IVR. If you could be more specific, it would help. For example, is the caller going to be calling from the same CID every time (if so, you could build a different Inbound Route). Do you have an IVR that does all of this already to go? What pieces are you looking for help with? Have you considered using an “extension” that you can direct dial to get into the IVR?

Basically, tell us more, and tell us what you’ve already got working. The simple answer to your question is clearly “Yes”, but the devil is in the details.


This would need to be possible from any call-in number. So the first thing is to be able to edit recordings, just as the user does on-site. From a site phone, they have feature codes to edit recordings such as *291, *292, and *293 for recordings 1-3. Now that I am looking at it, do I need to create another IVR, and use Feature Code Admin and select *291-*293 for different options?

Secondly, the ability to call in from off-site, enter an extension number, and check/manage voicemail system for different mailboxes. Is this as simple as entering an extension and then pressing a key to manage that extension?

That’s probably an option. Another perspective on it would be to find a way for an “inbound” call to become a “local” call, as if the call was coming in the “from-internal” context. There’s a module called “DISA”, but that’s probably not going to work because you want to magically switch from data to management without any way of identifying the caller.

The problem is consistently going to be “how do you differentiate a “management” call from a “customer” call on the same number.” If you can do that, then you can make this happen. The problem I’m having is that, your requirements keep boxing us into a path from which we cannot escape. If you call the number and there’s no way to identify the caller as a manager, there’s no way to get the caller into the management options.

The ability to check voicemail is simple - while the IVR is playing, press “*” and drop into the voicemail checking (‘Please enter your mailbox.’) interface. You can also, from the main IVR, enter any extension and get dropped into their call queue and (eventually) their email that way.

I see what you are saying…

But is there a way to set up an IVR to listen for a pin code or something that does this manager identification?

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