Official release date of FreePBX 17?


is there a planned release date for the final FreePBX 17?



Hi Thomas , our goal is for GA by June 2024… approximately 3.5 months

We look forward to any feedback you have testing the beta in the meantime

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Will it possible upgrade a beta17 to an official17 without reinstalling?

No… there is no sane upgrade path from CentOS to debian. That said backup and restore should make reinstall trivial. Make sure you have migrated all trunks and extensions to pjsip prior to upgrading.

Who asked to switch from CentOS to Debian? Not me!! I wrote beta17 (freepbx) to official17. I already run Freepbx17 beta on Debian 12.5. I am just asking if i will need to reinstall all from scratch or if beta-to-official will be simply a fpbx upgrade.
About pjsip; maybe you don’t know that both drivers (sip and pjsip) will be available. Tested sip on Freepbx 17 beta without any problems (asterisk 20 but 21 too).

Beta to GA means that the code has been tested and considered stable enough to graduate it’s beta period. So no, you won’t need to re-install FreePBX.

With that being said, AFAIK, there’s no public solution for commercial modules yet, so if you’ll want commercial modules, you’ll have to follow Sangoma’s announcements on how to proceed.

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Uhm… i run 2 commercial modules on my Freepbx 17 (Debian 12,5) without any kind of problems. EPM and Sysadmin Pro payed and fully functionally. Currently registered to deployment.

who asked for this

i guess Red Hat did in a way …

  • you should not have to install from scratch… but i would suggest you do
  • you could move your existing deployment ID over now… i wouldn’t suggest this either

changes related to install script actions are one concern and my tests of running the install script over an existing install is limited

i see GA coinciding with certain module versions along with a GA christened install script… not a forced reinstall

for production systems id suggest having laid the foundation with the most recent GA install script , a fresh install

do not count on chan_sip

Centos 7 (and so SNG7 Distro) is going EOL on June 30, 2024.
As far as I understand, our production systems would need to move to Debian 12 + FreePBX 17 (new certified system). (using the handy “” script.

Since FreePBX 17 GA is scheduled by June 2024, there is not much time to prepare this migration?

I guess the question from @Peo is: If we already spin up a new machine using the FPBX 17 BETA, can we just keep using it after the GA? Or do we need to install a new one install from scratch afterwards?


I’m not going to speak for Sangoma officials but this is what I would expect as a path from 17 beta to 17 GA:

apt update && apt -y upgrade && fwconsole ma upgradeall && fwconsole r

If the asterisk packages were updated, then add: fwconsole restart

ok thanks a lot @billsimon ! If we have confirmation from Sangoma, that would be great for our good night sleep :slight_smile: .

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You do know that “Going EOL” does not mean “stop working”?

True, it does not. However, some companies want more than “It still works”, they want support and continued updates/development which is what EOL products/software do not have.

Of course I know that and I know you know that but my post was for those that don’t know that.

I have come across people still using trixbox some things last forever if you keep your sticky fingers off of them lol

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If you think about it, all phones are technically ‘End of Line’

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Thanks for the heads up :stuck_out_tongue: Glad to hear that.

No uhm, still having security updates for a production system in 2024 sounds like a good idea.

There likely won’t be any ‘security updates’ for FreePBX 17 until it first becomes stable, then a security problem has been identified and can only come from Sangoma. Debian 12 already has regular security updates and older versions FreePBX can happily run on it.

Do correctly paid and licensed commercial modules run on Beta 17?

That’s part of what the beta program will be able to confirm.