Off Topic: Extension is busy

System incoming and outgoing is fine. Sip URI calls from outside work fine too to various extensions.

Why would calling a extension return a busy signal when it is not?

I have 2 extensions for testing 411 and 5005 both custom extensions (the same thing happens if I call a sip extension)

When calling internally 411 takes a message. 5005 does not.

Calling via sip uri works fine to both.

Looking at the command line asterisk -vvvcr

Not even a blip for 505.

Perhaps there is some sort of device issue? I do have others to test but it seels odd that it would work for one and not the other.

I thought that there might be some disconnect between asterisk and freepbx… but the extension I just created in freepbx was accessible to the outside world via a sip uri.


Thank you


When you start asteriks -r and dial the extension, what do you sees happening?

If you see nothing at all, you should check the line/extension on which you dial this number.

Otherwise, the log usually gives a clue where the problem is.

BTW, is the extension 505 or 5005 ?

Have you defined a DID for the extension? If this is different from the extension, thsi can pose problems in the device lookup.

Have you a specific reason for setting it up as custom extensions in stead of sip extensions?