Odoo CRM Freepbx 13 integration

Hi Guys,

I’ve recently been tasked to integrate Odoo CRM with asterisk. I’m running Freepbx 13 at the moment and I was wondering if anyone has successfuly managed to integrate Odoo with Freepbx 13?

We use the dial / originate call function from Odoo since version 7, now we use Odoo 8.
The integration is quite easy . you need to install the python modules like asterisk (on gentoo: pip install --user asterisk) . In Odoo you’ll get the telephony modules from https://github.com/OCA/connector-telephony.
On the module asterisk_click2dial you can find a quick help on how to set up the modules and agi scripts.
Roughly you need to set up the freepbx-server in Odoo (Settings > Technical > Telephony > Asterisk Servers)
The second step is to find the Telephony Preferences tab in every User where you need to fill in the account details

Hi Schiffsratte,

Thanks for this information man, much appreciated. Is it required that I use PJSip, because I’m currently using SIP?(we use SIP on all of our asterisk installations).

The Odoo server is based on a remote server and the PBX is hosted at our datacentre, my concern in terms of the security is that I’ll have provide freepbx with access to the outside world(to the Odoo server), is their any measures in terms of security I can take to lock it down?

I don’t think that it makes any difference if you use sip, iax or pjsip as odoo will use the ami interface to connect to freepbx.
Odoo will need to access port 5038 on the freepbx side. We have both in the same network, so no internet involved, but if your odoo instance has a fixed IP, you could allow only this IP to access port 5038 on the freepbx firewall and routing over the internet should be no risk. Maybe you need to adjust timeouts .
I made two quick screenshots from within odoo .

First the server configuration :
and the users settings

Awesome, thank you so much man. I am grasping how this whole thing works now, I’ll have to do a port forward to my PBX though in order for this to work but it shouldn’t be an issue. I believe the Odoo instance does have a fixed IP so this shouldn’t be an issue.

In terms of the AMI permissions, what should I allow? Currently I’ve allowed originate and reporting and for my ACL’s I’ve got localhost and the Odoo server IP.

Thanks for this useful information regarding odoo development integration 13.

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Could you please re-upload your screeshots from the configs?
Thank you in advance!