Odoo 11 Asterisk or Freepbx Integration

Hi all,

I have setup Odoo 11 and now I want to integrate it with my Freepbx 14. But I can’t find any module in Odoo 11 or by Freepbx to integrate with Odoo11.

If someone can assist me in this I will be really thankful to you.

Note that this is a native Asterisk module install, so some of the instructions may point you to changing files like extensions.conf (etc.) that are managed by FreePBX. In those cases, there is always a “_custom.conf" file that you can use. If the instructions have you replacing functions in the base contexts, you can also use the "override*” files to replace base components.

Please not that changing the Override context file can render other parts of your system inoperative, so only use the Override files when absolutely necessary.

Thanks cynjut for your response.

I am able to install these python libraries but could not locate the module click2call in the Odoo for asterisk integration. How can I install the base module of asterisk click2call in Odoo11.

You just may need to break down and get Odoo’s support for integrating into Asterisk/FreePBX. They offer it.

The reason I say that is that you now need to find someone who has done this with Odoo on FreePBX. That’s going to be a very short subset of users on here.

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