Obihai 1000 series phones and EPM

Anyone here using Obihai phones with EPM?
I’m having some oddities provisioning these phones and getting some features to work properly such as the LED button on top working with MWI and getting the MORE soft key to appear.
Also getting fail-to-ban errors onside phones when using Phone Apps with them.

Their phones are not certified which means all we do is basic can you make a call for support with EPM and I also heard later firmware had broken out phone apps with there phones. Sorry I don’t have more info but with them not being certified manufacture anymore they only get basic support from us as defined above.

This is an issue with some phones, was not aware that Obi’s were affected. Whitelist your OBI IPs in System Admin, Intrusion Detection and add notes to this ticket:

This may not be an Obi issue, are you using chan_sip or PJSIP?