Good morning all, a question about using the OBi110 as an FXO gateway connected to a fiber-op subsciption.
I have everything setup in freepbx and on the OBi110,
I can dial 9 on my phone system, wait for a dial tone then dial the number I want to call and it dials out no problem at all, It connects and I can start a conversation.
However If I try to dial into the FXO gateway I get a message saying the number dialed is not in service?
If I disconnect the line from the OBi110 then it will ring through without any problems.
Not sure if my problems will be in the freepbx inbound routes or within the setup in the OBi110
In freepbx I have my inbound routs set Destination set to “Ring Groups” and the setting below set to “1 Extensions”. The 1 Extensions is programed to send to the various Extensions Eg: 100, 101, 102

Again not sure if my issue is in the OBi110 settings or in the freepbx settings
Any suggestions appreciated,

Thank You in Advance James

Figured it out finally, Erased all the settings in the obi110 and then reprogramed it and it seems to work normally now

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