Obi110 incoming calls big delay to extension

Using FreePBX 15. The system is just for experimental purposes ( a University
project where I work ).

I bought an Obi110 used. Have set up the FXO port to ring a freepbx extension
on incoming calls. Worked fine for a few days, then I noticed a 10sec or longer
delay between the call connecting and the extension ringing…

The Obi trunk is shared by my office PBX extension. This has an answering
machine on it, set to answer after about 15 seconds.

When the delay is in place, the answering machine picks up the call
before the Obi, so there is never a ring to the FreePBX extension.

When I reboot the Obi, the delay go away, and calls come in normally.

But this recurs regularly. I have to reboot the Obi to get it to work again.

Any help would be appreciated. Progress paves the way for our university to perhaps adopt this type of system for general use.


To start, is the OBi delaying before sending INVITE to Asterisk, or is Asterisk delaying processing it?
I assume that the answering machine rings or flashes when ringing starts. Note the exact time when this occurs. The Clock app on your mobile phone should be accurate enough for this purpose, or view in your browser.

Then look at the timestamps in the Asterisk log for the call, as well as the OBi’s Call History.

Post those two logs and we’ll go from there.

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