Obi1032 Distinctive Ring

(Necits2015) #1

Trying to get distinctive ring working on the Obi1032. According to the documentation its possible

ITSP Driven Distinctive Ringing
OBi device offers 10 ring and 10 call-waiting tone patterns in each ring profile. These patterns are numbered from 1 to 10. Each pattern also comes with a configurable name. A different default ring may be assigned to each trunk on the device.

An ITSP can tell OBi device which ring to use by name for a call routed to SP1/SP2 by inserting an Alert-Info header in the SIP INVITE sent to the device. The Alert-Info must include a URI. For example:

Alert-Info: somewebsite/somefolder/bellcore-dr4 When the device receives this, it will look for a ring tone name or call-waiting tone name in the ring profile that matches the Alert-Info URI. Ring tone names are compared case- insensitively. If a match is found, device plays the corresponding ring or call-waiting tone. Otherwise, device plays the default ring.

Just not sure how to proceed??

(Necits2015) #2

I was able to come with a temporary workaround but it is cumbersome and very time consuming. Using the built in phone book app when creating a new entry there is an option to select the ringtone for that particular number. So just enter the extension number in the number field and select a different ring tone (OfficeB.wav). Obviously this is very time consuming (You would have to manually enter each extension to the phone book on each phone) and would be too much work unless you only have a few extensions but I figured I’d throw it out there :slight_smile: You can import to the phone from a csv file but you still have to go in and manually select the ringtone for each extension. As far as i know there is no way to autoprovision this so still looking for the Alert-info solution!!!