Obi Phones (now Poly Phones) supported for Phone Apps?

So… I saw this post: FreePBX Certified Obihai phones and Phone Apps

Then I saw several guides for using Phone Apps with Obi phones in the wiki:

Yet, under “Supported Devices” Obi is not listed:

I’m curious about this since OBiHai was acquired by Polycom, now rebranded to Poly… the new Poly VVX (150, 250, 350, 450) phones have OBi firmware with essentially the same kind of config files.
Would Phones Apps work on these phones (w/ OBi firmware)?

In one of our secondary facilities, we previously had Yealink T29G phones. They had Phone Apps support. Due to other technical issues, we are replacing them with a mix of (Obihai) Poly VVX 350s and 450s. That facility runs on a FreePBX v14 PBX. From what I’ve seen, the Poly branded Obihai hardware has no Phone App support. We’ve tried a few behind the scenes mods, and couldn’t get it working.

Hi, We are having the same issue with no endpoint manager templates for the Poly Skyline VVX 150. Does anyone know when/if these units might be supported?

Thank you

I wouldn’t hold your breath. Polycom stopped its partnership with Sangoma for the EPM a few years back. This is why there are no updated templates for the VVX series in the EPM. Also why the firmware is not current in the EPM for Polycom’s. It’s on the last tested firmware releases when Polycom’s where still active in the EPM.

Thank you for your reply that was very helpful. We wound up manually provisioning a single Poly VVX 150 and will look for a new manufacturer that is willing to play with freePBX.

I would be really interested in opinions on the most provisioning friendly phones for freePBX. We have tried GrandStream, Panasonic, Yealink, Fanvil, NEC, RTX and Konftel devices.

Frequently folks buy their own phones and then want us to provision them for the service. I would like to recommend phones to them so that as end-users they can most easily provision them themselves using the EPM generated templates.

Thank you

I had a webinar with Poly and our distributor this morning and they were showing off their new VVX X50 line of phones… I pushed the issue with them about not being certified or supported with FreePBX. They said they are “looking into it”. We shall see.
What’s kind of weird to me is that the Poly Obi ATAs like the Obi300 have zero-touch provisioning through Poly’s PDMS-SP and they work with FreePBX’s EPM. So why not all the other devices and phones that has the same/similar Obi provisioning template?

As far as provisioning friendly phones I’ll first consult the wiki ( to check if a brand is EPM compatible… and then see if that brand has their own re-direction or zero-touch provisioning service.
I know Sangoma, Mitel/Aastra, Yealink, Konftel, Grandstream, and Snom/Vtech offer such services.
(not sure about the others you mentioned since I don’t have much experience with those brands).

Then lastly PhoneApps (because my clients really see the value add in the PhoneApps module), I looks for PhoneApps supported devices… which leaves Sangoma, Mitel/Aastra and Yealink.

(I wish Digium phones had a redirection or zero-touch provisioning service because those phones are kind of awesome too… fully supported in EPM and you get “free” PhoneApps (via EPM managed DMPA).)

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@malcolmd are there any plans for a redirection portal?


Thank you for your insight. Sounds like good advice.

I have an existing client a purchased a bunch of VVX150’s for. They are installed and working and they actually provisioned using the VVX310 Polycom template however I believe they are not 100%.

One the phones, the DND button doesnt seem to do anything and I cant get it off of DND on one of the phones.
What should I do? Wipe the phone and manually provision it?
It really sucks that the EPM is not supporting the new Poly products. It makes me want to look at a different phone switch platform. I am unsure where to go from here!

The EPM in freePBX will never work 100% with any phone except Sangoma phones, maybe. Any new firmware can always break functionality. I tested a 705s half a year ago and had mixed results. This phone sits now in the storage chamber :wink:
If you are willing to spend some money, you should try the new Sangoma D-Series phones. The D65 e.g. is designed for Asterisk and it really works 100%, when you use the advanced DPMA configuration and the Digium phones module. Zero-touch provisioning works too. The phone automatically connects to the server. You might have to choose the extension number, but thats all…
You could also use the easy mode without any configuration files. The D65 really is a great product!

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