OBI 110 with pots

I had been using a google voice number with Freepbx running as a Hyper-v vm. It has worked great for months, but I am not happy with the google voice number as no one sees caller id name when I call. I bought a business line from Comcast and comes out of their box as POTS. I had read tutorials about using the OBI 110 with pots with FreePBX. I have set it up and can make outgoing calls, but FreePBX never seems to receive the incoming calls. nothing in the logs about any incoming calls.

I have the trunk setup as the tutorial as well as the outbound and inbound routes. I can not figure out what I have setup wrong.

Any ideas?



I reset the obi last night and set it up per the wiki. I had bagged the inbound call route in the Line Port settings. I input my DID number instead of SP2(DID Number).