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Hi. Is it possible to set a call number for the trunk so that it would be possible to make a call to the PBX and process it as an incoming route.

That is not done in the trunk. You need to setup that DID as an Inbound Route if you want to accept calls coming in to that number over whatever trunk you’ve setup.

I’ll clarify. I have two Asterisk servers connected by a trunk. For the test, I need one of the PBX to receive a DID from another PBX.

That’s QUITE a clarification.

I am still not clear on what you are actually trying to accomplish here. Just to be able to call between extensions that are on different PBXs over a point to point trunk that’s connecting those PBXs?

I want to be able to call PBX 2 from a phone connected to PBX1, as for example a call comes to the VoIP provider trunk. For example: if I call the number 90000, I get to the PBX and IVR

So that’s pretty easy. For that you’ll need to setup an Outbound Route on PBX 2 using the trunk that you setup for the connection between the PBXs. In the dial pattern for that Outbound Route you’ll need to configure the pattern for the extensions/numbers you want to be able to reach on PBX 1.

You’ll also need to make sure that the outbound route is at the top of the list so that it’s the first match when an extension tries to dial whatever number you want it to reach at the other PBX.

And further you need to use the ‘from-internal’ context for the ‘tie line’ trunk to get to more endpoints like IVR’s and Ring Groups

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I think it needs to be done in the configuration files, I didn’t quite understand how to do it in freepbx.

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