Nubie question: How do I edit configuration files using Webmin?

In my attempt to restore email functionality to our Asterisk phone system using FreePBX, I came across and especially helpful article at I have installed Webmin and am exploring Sendmail. In this article, it states simply “Edit /etc/mail/”. OK - so how do I open and edit this file in Webmin? Silly, I know, but I’m hunting and pecking for a simply file editor and can’t find it. Help!


It will depend on who’s ISO you have.

Some distributions protect some files from being edited while others do not.

Truly the simplest thing to do is to use one of the shell editors like nano, vi, jed, etc…

It’s also more secure that way.

How do I get to linux command prompt from Asterisk?

You don’t. Asterisk is a program that runs on linux, FreePBX runs on top of asterisk and Linux. What you want is access to linux, which if you have a keyboard and mouse attached you are all set, If you want remote access to get to the command line on linux you use ssh (telnet with encription) or good old telnet. Most will tell you that telnet is very bad as it’s a clear text protocol and people could see your username and password alon with everything you type.

If you are from the windows world there are many free/shareware programs that do it. Putty is one, my personal favorite is SecureCRT but that is a purchase program.

You don’t provide any details so don’t know if you used a ISO download to build your system or what. But if you did several distro’s (trixbox is one) provide a way via http to get to a shell prompt using ssh via a java applet.

I’ve logged on via putty (command interface looks just like local screen). Now what?

I get it, I’m AT the linux command prompt after logging in - I thought I was in the Asterisk Shell. I can use VI from their with the path shown - easy peezy. Sorry to bother.