NTP sync not working with S705


We are using latest version of FreePBX and latest firmware (1.51 /

Our phones are connected using VPN to FreePBX.

Provisionning are working well, but NTP parameters seems to be not used / not working.

I’ve tried the private IP address of FreePBX, the public IP address (with opened port), the FQDN (just for fun).

No NTP synchronization. Our S705 phones continues having bad date/time.

Have you any idea ?



Finally, we use official NTP pool server rather than FreePBX.

It’s a pity and weird that we can not synchronize the time of phones with the associated telephony server …


It’s neither a pity nor is it weird. Something in your NTP configuration is messed up. The phone server itself is a suitable time sink, so it may be something as simple as making sure your NTPD is working on the server.

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