NTP server

i have freepbx the time in server centos and on elastic are the same. the time on the polycom phones is different.
i have change the ntp server etc/ntp.conf to
driftfile /var/lib/ntp/drift
server 1.europe.pool.ntp.org
server 2.europe.pool.ntp.org
server 3.europe.pool.ntp.org
driftfile /etc/ntp/drift
logfile /var/log/ntp.log

but on the phones polycon i get a different time. and i must forward the time on server so the time on polycon to be the correct one.

Any ideas?

Your IP phones should point to the (internal) NTP Server which is a service that could be implemented (and actually it is - I mean at Linux level!) on the FreePBX server itself (the ntpd deamon can act as Server and/or as a Client) or, eventually, your IP Phones could point directly to an external NTP Server (which, IMHO, is not so elegant and creates unnecessary packets traffic to Internet and to NTP Servers pools).

how do i perform this?

Based on your message it seems Elaxtix has a NTP server. Your phones just have wrong time zone.

Elaxtix is a modified version of FreePBX and is supported in their forum.

Start here.

NTP Deamon (ntpd) and the way you manage it is a server side thing…so you should first manage it to work and then you can decide if (or if not) use the Linux server as the NTP Server for your internal Hosts (IP Phones/PC or whatever require NTP synchronization).

In my case my Firewall (a pfSense based appliance) is used as the primary NTP Server reference for all my internal Hosts (my Firewall acts also as DHCP Server and so it provides NTP Server Address - itself - to any served Hosts/IP Phones on the managed Subnet).

So it’s not a matter of FreePBX in particular…it’s far more general (it has to do with basic Networking Services).

Others scenarios may apply (each one is different): the most important thing is to decide for every single Host on the Subnet…which services it provides (to other Hosts)/requires (from other Hosts).

i have 2 Network cards.
eth0 and eth1
eth0 is my current network that communicates with our domain
eth1 is the card for the phones.

how do i configure these 2 cards to share ntp server?


Hi Stavrosh,
I have the same configuration as you regarding the 2 network cards. how did you setup the time to pull the correct time from the server?
my phones are isolated from my domain network and are on a separate vlan. Currently my phones are blinking with the wrong date and time.