NTP Server show correct EDT time but not in System Admin - Time Zone

Since our recent Daylight Savings change. The NTP server states correct EDT time for Daylight savings. Since then we have had numerous school districts state that the times were wrong. I checked the Time Zone config first, so I went to System Admin - Time Zone. States we are in America/New York but the server time in the GUI states that it is still an hour behind. Jump into the SSH and the time is correct with the EDT as well. I’m not sure if I am missing anything with the time.

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From the CLI try:

If the CLI time is correct, use an endpoint, and dial the feature code:


Is the correct time announced?

After this, use the System Admin (Pro) module, and set your timezone … (reboot if a change was made)

After this, if the time is correct everywhere (but) when using time conditions / time groups …

From the CLI:

vi /etc/php.ini

Set your timezeone under the date.timezone section

After you make this change, reboot your PBX and recheck the UI for time conditions and time groups again.

That’s not possible. NTP only knows about UTC, and for most purposes, so does the OS kernel. Any timezone adjustments are performed, by the OS user space libraries, after the UTC time is obtained from the kernel.