NTP not working on Sangoma SBC

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I have configured the Sangona SBC to use europe.pool.ntp.org for its time, but it still tells me it is stuck in 2012.

Do I need to do anything funky to get NTP to work?

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Manually set the time once to something close?

Some devices will not adjust NTP over a certain difference.


No, just tried that, and I set it to the correct date, but 5 hours behind, but it just stays 5 hours behind.


I’ve also taken a wireshark, and there is no NTP traffic on the wire.

Do I have to do someting to kick NTP into life, or is it just broken? (In which case that sucks, as all the logs have the wrong date/timestamp)

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Try an IP address instead of FQDN


Ah, good shout. But sadly no. Still no NTP updates even using an IP address.

(Mitch Mitchell) #7

What output do you get from ntpq -p ?


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It sounds like you may have a problem with a firewall somewhere blocking NTP traffic. I see several discussions on Reddit and other places about this – have you been able to use NTP on any other systems on your network?


I would take that to the folks who sold it to you, any ‘Session Border Controller’ that doesn’t know what the time is or how to get it is, to use a technical term, f*&^ed

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from what I have been reading some ISPs are blocking the default ntp port – not sure where, certainly none of mine do.


I don’t think its a networking issue. I have 4 Raspberry Pi’s here on the same subnet which are set up to do NTP and they are all working ok.


Actually, I’ve just realised, it can’t be a Firewall issue as I’m not even seeing any NTP packets coming out of the device itself when I look at a Wireshark trace.


So, the solution to this issue was that I had 2 IP addresses configured on eth0. (The Sangoma training videos omitted to tell you to remove the default IP address of Subsequently the NTP packets packets (which were actually being generated ok, I just had an issue with wireshark) were coming from the default IP address, which of course was not in the subnet I was using, so replies couldn’t get back.

This also prevented any other comms out to the internet for updates etc. and as a result, the SBC shut itself down after a day or so.

Simply removing the default IP address from eth0 solved all my issues.

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