Notifications via telegram bot

Hi all!
I want to set up sending notifications about unanswered calls to free pbx. I need notifications to be sent to a telegram group through my telegram bot.
I have recently started to work with freepbx, so forgive me if I don’t understand something.

Pretty sure that’s not currently supported inside of FreePBX. This would be functionality that somebody would need to to develop/implement for FreePBX.

There is Brand New Module - Missed Call Notification | FreePBX - Let Freedom Ring which emails a notification… you could take those emails and post them to a telegram channel. Someone made this thing GitHub - cakeman663/telegram-email-notifications: Telegram email notifications but it appears unmaintained so it may not work.

You could also probably patch the module or put in a feature request to add hooks of some sort either by way of another module or webhooks.

Just some thoughts.

Thank you! I’ll try this and let you know if it worked.

For some reason, notifications are not sent to gmail. But they send to

They are probably in the spam folder for Gmail

I set up missed call notification on extension.
But I also need to set up missed call notifications on queues.

I mean, that I can set it up on different operators (agents), but they are not online all the time. and if they are offline, the notification about missed call is not sent.
So, we have a queue, and don’t understand how to set it up

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