Notifications from outside lines do not come to extensions

I can’t communicate outside telephone to extension by FreePBX 16.
But, Communication from an extension to an outside telephone is possible.

I want to know how to connect incoming calls to ‘extensions’.

just, I tried change Trunk’s context ‘from-pstn’ to ‘from-internal’. When calling an IP phone, the call was disconnected after the IP phone was notified for 2 seconds.
I believe that Trunks context is involved in incoming calls to extensions.

Of course, The context of ‘extensions’ is set to ‘from-interenal’.

My English is not very good. and, Any help would be appreciated.

This is a serious security risk. Change it back.

Normally, incoming calls to DIDs are managed under the Inbound Routes where you can point it to an extension.

See Configuring Your PBX - PBX GUI - Documentation

If that is not working, please share a calltrace via pastebin: Providing Great Debug - Support Services - Documentation

Glad you are being kind to me.
I tried setting the DID number for the Inbound Route and changing the context to from-pstn, but did not get the expected results.
I will be referring to the second article in particular.

If I can’t solve the problem successfully, I may post again in the community, thank you PitzKey in advance.

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