Nothing new in the reports (not updating)

Hi everyone,

I have just installed a new FreePBX server and migrated all of my old settings from the former server. Before I migrated, I updated all of the used modules of the latest version and then backed up/restored to the new machine. Upon restart, the call logs stopped updating. I had all of the legacy data right up to the date of the migration, but nothing new. Not to be discouraged, I dropped the databases, and recreated them. Reinstalled right from scratch, and then imported my settings without the legacy call logs. Now I have no data at all, and no new calls update the database. I am pretty sure that the info is supposed to be polled from the database. The regular /var/log/asterisk flat text logs are updating just fine. Can someone please give me some insight on where to look to figure out what is wrong?

Thanks in advance!


either credential problems in the cdr_mysql.conf file, or you didn’t include or build asterisk_addons properly.

You were absolutely right, recovering the legacy data/configuration changed the mysql password in cdr_mysql.conf to match the old box. I reset it, and restarted amportal. Sadly, this wasn’t enough to restore the call data (or its processing). :frowning:

Back to the drawing board.

Thanks alot for taking the time to help though,


all the cdr data should have been saved in the asterisk csv files so you could always import that data into mysql if you still have it.